Friday, September 09, 2005

Deja vu all over again:
In Talafar, air strikes were reportedly launched on a neighbourhood the Americans suspected of being under the control of insurgents. ... The US military drove the insurgents out of Talafar a year ago, only for them to return once the troops had withdrawn.
Maybe the problem is just that no one can figure out how the town's name is spelled. "Sir, we've routed the insurgents in Tall Afar, but some have escaped and regrouped in Talafar." "No problen, we'll cut them off at Tal Afar, before the second 'l'." Anyway, today we have 182,900 trained an equipped Iraqi soldiers, so we can do things like this:
The spokesman for the American forces in Iraq, Major General Rick Lynch, has pledged that this time a sufficient military presence will remain to prevent the same thing happening again.
Having an elected gov't can frame the issue differently, too:
"Iraqi security and coalition forces continue to eliminate terrorists and foreign fighters in Talafar and they will continue to pursue this endeavour to the end," Mr Jaafari said. "We are taking additional measures to ensure security and stability in Talafar and to restore its people's rights."
In case anyone's forgotten, there is a referendum on the constitution October 15th, and then parliamentary elections in December no matter which way the referendum goes. So: more Iraqi democracy, more Iraqi troops. Eventually, those trends will culminate in this:
Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said Friday he believes that within two years, there'll be no further need for U.S. forces there.
Meanwhile, progressives spent the last year shrieking themselves hoarse that the imposition of sharia law in Iraq meant Iraq was a theocracy, but sharia has quietly been recommended for implementation in... Canada.

No, seriously.

So, tortoise-like, Canada sneaks in while no one was looking and wins the race to bcome a "failed theocratic state." I hear separatist tensions are simmering in Quebec, so who knows, maybe they'll have a civil war first too.


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