Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Just when it was looking like I was dead wrong.... I get proven right. And then some.
CNN has reviewed and agreed to run a controversial ad produced by a pro-abortion group’s that falsely accuses Supreme Court nominee John Roberts of filing legal papers supporting a convicted abortion clinic bomber, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.
The news network has agreed to a $125,000 ad buy from NARAL for a commercial which depicts a bombed out 1998 Birmingham, AL abortion clinic. The Birmingham clinic was bombed seven years after Roberts signed the legal briefing the ad question!
However, the non-partisan University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Factcheck.org reviewed the NARAL ad and found it to be “false.” Factcheck.org found "in words and images, the ad conveys the idea that Roberts took a legal position excusing bombing of abortion clinics, which is false."
Boo-yah! Score one for disgusting hyperpartisan smear campaigns! In your face, decency and honest debate of the issues!

The ancient Roman gladiators' arena's got nuthin' on the brutality of our Senate confirmation process.

Sigh. I was really hoping I was wrong.


Blogger Roger Fraley said...

Man, I try to be as cynical as you but I can't keep up.

7:16 AM  

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