Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Is anyone surprised to learn Helen Thomas is a cut'n'run moonbat?

The funniest line in a hilariously counterfactual column:
Whether viewed as a "mistake" or a "noble cause," the fact is that Vietnam survived and thrived after we departed.
Yeah, except for y'know, the millions who didn't survive the aftermath of our cowardly abandonment of an ally. Also, her definition of "thrive" apparently extends to living in the impoverished totalitarian hell of a Communist dictatorship. I'll have to notify Webster's to update their next edition of the dictionary.
I always thought the debacle in Vietnam and its aftermath had taught us a lesson. But apparently not.
Yes, Helen there is a lesson to learn from Vietnam. The lesson is: the moonbats in our media often want America to lose wars, they will generally do everything in their power to make that happen, and occasionally they will succeed with terrible consequences for all involved.


Blogger Paul said...

Dude, you have to email that 'survived and thrived' Vietnam retort to her, it's too good not to.

Just don't send her a link to the post or anything, I have found that I get a much better response from newspaper columnists if they think I am just a reader, rather than one of those bat crazy bloggers sitting in my basement in pajamas. I guess it must be their nuanced thinking.... or something.

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