Sunday, July 17, 2005

Something that's gone relatively unremarked upon is that the past couple year's events in Iraq definitively disprove some of the earlier commonly accepted theses about terrorism -- and moreover, people in the Mideast are realizing that themselves. It's one thing to claim terrorism is religiously justifiable in nature when Islamic Palestinians are blowing up Jewish Israelis, American Christians, or other infidels, but what can they be telling these Iraqi suicide bombers that are deliberately targeting Shia women and children? It might be possible to justify terrorism as the politics of the weak, desperate and hopeless when Palestinians attack the militarily far stronger Israelis, or 19 nationless Islamic radicals attack the world's superpower, but that becomes a bit more problematic when terrorists drive a fuel tanker into a market and incinerate around 100 civilians in an infant Iraqi democracy, allegedly for being "apostate."

It's becoming clearer to everyone that fascism is the terrorists' only true faith, and cult brainwashing their convenient tool.


Blogger FIAR said...

Good point. The terrorist's activities always have a pretext, American occupation, Israeli occupation, etc. But the Fact of the matter is that they want to destroy everything that diverges from their intolerant beliefs and views. The best example of this is the "your not muslim enough" mentality, demonstrated by attacking "their own people."

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