Saturday, July 09, 2005

Operation Scimitar appears to be going well.
Operation Scimitar started Thursday with targeted raids in the village of
Zaidan, 20 miles southeast of Fallujah. So far, 22 suspected insurgents had been

Have you noticed things in Iraq seem qualitatively different in the last month or so? It looks like the democratic gov’t is now mostly taking the fight to the insurgents, rather than mostly the other way around. From the pace of operations, commentary fom milblogs and Iraqis, and the way the raids are being handled, I get the impression they actually have far more intel from the populace than they can act on. That strikes me as a very good sign. Once most Sunnis get on board, the insurgency is over and Iraq can be on the way toward the prosperity and freedom that will make it a democratic beacon in the Mideast.

I think the next elections may go a long way toward solving the insurgency. We're hearing a lot of recriminations among Sunnis over not having voted last time. If they vote this time, the effect could be to essentially end the Baathist portion of the insurgency by suborning all the moderate elements into the political process, which will further facilitate the process of capturing/killing the few remaining die-hards.

Most Iraqis just want to get on with their lives, I think. With the incredible rate of economic growth there right now, most people would rather be getting rich than fighting against freedom and democracy.


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