Thursday, June 30, 2005

Well, Iran's stock market crashed on Saturday with the "election" of an even nuttier religious nut as President. He's reportedly going to take Iran down a few levels in their hell on earth. I guess instead of merely hanging 14-year-old girls for the "crime" of being molested, they're going to flay them first as well.

If this doesn't push Iran into revoluton, I don't know what will.

Meanwhile, free Iraqis continue to build a democratic society...

Baha' Al-'Araji, a member of the constitution drafting committee told Al-Mada paper yesterday that there are going to be 5 spots in each Iraqi province where citizens can find designated boxes where they can put their opinions and suggestion as to the process of writing the constitution.
Only Baghdad will be an exception due to its high population so there will be 5 spots in each main quarter in the capital.

One million "suggestion forms" are planned to be distributed nationwide soon and there will be specialized teams to read, sort the received forms and prepare summaries that will eventually be submitted periodically to the main committee.
He also mentioned-according to the paper-that the committee has already purchased air time on satellite channels and columns space on papers (ten in total) to publish/broadcast materials of value to constitutional education to help people get a better understanding of the process.

The same paper also has published (exclusively as paper said) a big part of the draft of bill of rights (pdf Arabic).
These 23 clauses that were drafted by "committee of rights, freedoms and basic duties" are scheduled to be submitted to the rest of the members to be discussed and modified within a couple of days.

This should be front-page news. It's so much more important in every way than the violence by religious wacko splodeydopes and wannabe Saddamist tyrants.


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