Saturday, June 11, 2005

Too ironic not to link: Charles Johnson at LGF notes the NYT is running a story about alleged U.S. abuses of terrorist detainees... right next to photography by Andres Serrano, the guy who created the "artwork" Piss Christ, a crucifix, complete with depiction of the Lord and Saviour of billions of Christians, submerged in his urine.

So let me just ask a completely rhetorical question here: If Andres Serrano had submerged a Koran in his own urine, do you think the NYT would be running photographs by him?


Blogger Rob_NC said... long would it be before he was found in the street with a knief and a note in the middle of his chest if this was the case...odds are not very long...

6:52 AM  
Blogger TallDave said...

No kidding.

Puts all those descriptions of Piss Christ as "daring" and "bold" in perspective, doesn't it?

8:20 AM  

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