Saturday, June 11, 2005

Instapundit links to a great post by Ernest Miller on Jay Rosen's piece on Bob Franken's claim to be a "citizen of the world" while he's reporting (did you follow all that?).

It's sad that being an American has been so devalued that some people feel being a "citizen of the world" is somehow superior. In part, I think this is a consequence of having a United Nations that treats all regimes, from the most enlighted and democratic to the most egregious and tyrannical, as moral equals. The whole concept of "sovereignty" as currently practiced is horribly flawed and anachronistic; does anyone really believe Fidel Castro, Kim Jong Il or Saddam have/had a legitimate moral claim to rule their people? As our Founders declared, the just powers of a gov't are derived from the consent of the governed.

And that's why I'm damned proud to call myself a citizen of the United States of America -- no matter what I'm doing.


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