Monday, June 20, 2005

Captain Ed updates:

The reporter himself says that he retyped the memos on an old-style manual
typewriter and destroyed either the originals (AP) or working copies from which
he worked (Rawstory). In effect, he created mock-ups -- and that means the memos provided by the Times in PDF format are fakes.

And thanks to commenter RBMN for supplying the following in his comment section:

Examples of "fixed around" from UK web pages:
Fireplug canisters are fixed around the pipe and the toggle clip engaged. The canister is then slipped along the pipe to the wall or ceiling. The canister is then fixed to the wall or ceiling. The fixings used on the test were four number 50mm wood screws, screwed directly into the aerated block (Thermalite, Celcon, etc.). If fitting to concrete or brick a 65mm steel screw plugged and bedded in intumescent mastic is recommended. The opposite side of the wall/floor to the Fireplug FPC can then be back filled with sand and cement if required.
Working to a level line, firmly the starter trim to the Timber battens at 600mm centres for white (or 400mm for Coloured) cladding. Vertical battens are fixed and checked Against a plumb line at appropriate centres. The remaining Trims are fixed around the perimeter, corners, joints and openings.
Inspect both limb tips BEFORE drawing the bow to ensure that the string loops are securely fixed around the limb tips. To disassemble the bow, use the same procedure in reverse.
Ash and sycamore may split during felling, causing a slab of trunk to spring back towards the feller. A chain or strong rope should be fixed around the trunk about 1.2m (4') from the ground prior to felling.
Two divers travelled to Shetland last week where they discovered one salmon cage had an anti-predator net fixed around it, made of a nine-inch mesh of single-strand green nylon line - known as 'monofilament'.

So there are 3 problems with the lefties' claim that the DSM "prove" Bush lied about the intelligence:

1) The memos supplied, even if they accurately reproduce the originals, are fakes and cannot be directly authenticated
2) The memos don't say what lefties are claiming they say (that intelligence was rigged)
3) Even if they did say intelligence was being rigged, it's just the opinion of a Brit at a meeting

In other words, please remove the tinfoil from your heads and return to reality.


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