Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Who let Jim Lampley near a keyboard? I mean, seriously, this Huffington Celebrity Blog is like two days old and he's already turning it into a fever swamp. The really scary thing is, I think he really, sincerely believes what he’s writing.

I'm starting to think this whole Huffington gliterati-pretending-to-be-literati deal is going to turn out to be another of those "gee-aren't-celebrities-crazy" semi-spoofs like “The Osbournes,” "The Simple Life with Paris Hilton" or "The Anna Nicole Smith Show," except in those cases the comedy was intentional and arguably quite a bit less cruel. After all, they weren’t asking Ozzy Osbourne to formulate well-thought-out opinions on the Kyoto Treaty or Paris Hilton to expound on the implications of Bush’s visit to the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

UPDATE: Lou Minatti notices there are other celeb bloggers on Huffington who are almost as delusional and paranoid as Lampley. If someone were trying to come up with a way to expose the posing-and-preening class as idiots, they'd be hard put to devise a better plan than this.


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