Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Too good not to link: Lawrence Kaplan has done an excellent rundown of the United States' pro-democratic efforts around the world, including this gem:
The least publicized example of U.S. involvement is Kyrgyzstan's Tulip Revolution. There, in a country most Americans have never heard of--but home to a vital U.S. airbase--Washington flexed its muscle from the back of a truck. As part of his campaign against political dissent on the eve of parliamentary elections in February, President Askar Akayev cut off power to a U.S.-funded printing press--on which opposition newspapers calling for his ouster depended. Overnight, the U.S. Embassy trucked over generators to restart the presses, which, via articles detailing electoral fraud and growing popular unrest, would soon engineer Akayev's downfall.
Kaplan also notes the lackluster response to those efforts by U.S. critics.


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