Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Speaking of journalistic shame, Dan Rather accepted a media award today, and went out of his way to praise the people behind Memogate. No, I’m not kidding. Speaking about their work on Abu Ghraib (“The Overhyped Story of Our Time”), Rather said:
"It took guts, and they had them."
Well, they had something, anyway, but I think it more closely resembles a visceral hatred of the U.S. military. I think “guts” would have applied more to an Iraqi journalist daring to uncover the far worse Abu Ghraib abuses under Saddam. Because unlike the U.S. military, which promptly apologized for and investigated the abuses and eventually punished the abusers, Saddam would likely have thrown the reporter into Abu Ghraib for some first-hand experience with atrocities.

Gunga Dan went on:
"Never give up, never back up, never give in while pursuing the dream of integrity filled journalism that matters."
No, seriously, stop laughing. He really said that. Could I make this stuff up?
“I don't have a legacy. I'm not going to have a legacy, and I shouldn't have a legacy. I work in news," Rather said.
Unfortunately, you do have a legacy, and will, and should, though given the nature of your legacy I can understand why you’d prefer to think otherwise.

Courage, Dan. Courage.


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