Sunday, May 08, 2005

Some very, very important science being done out there:

Single malt whisky 'can protect you from cancer', conference told

LONDON (AFP) - Single malt whisky can beat the threat of cancer, thanks to high levels of a powerful antioxidant that kills cancer cells, a medical conference in Scotland was told.
Jim Swan, an independent consultant to the global drinks industry, said that, according to research, single malt whisky contains "more ellagic acid than red wine".

I keep a botle of Glenlivet around, but it's pretty much just for guests. Maybe I'll have to rethink that.

But alas, there's one at every party: the buzzkill.

Lesley Walker of Cancer Research UK was dubious.
"There is considerable data documenting the link between drinking excess alcohol and the increased risk of a number of cancers, particularly in smokers," she said.
"Ellagic acid is a powerful antioxidant, but that does not mean it is necessary to hit the bottle," she said, noting that the ellagic acid can also be found in soft fruits.



Blogger Fargus... said...

OK, so it may not be so great for you after all, but I don't think we can afford to take that chance. To the liquor store!

4:35 AM  

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