Sunday, May 22, 2005

Iraq has its problems, but it's heartening to see Iraqis still managed to produce the highest GDP growth rate in the world.

Or course, that's relative to a very bad year, but it does show things got a lot better during a period that some people keep describing as getting worse for all involved.

Some things are rolling along despite the problems.
In less than one year, the newly formed Iraqi Stock Exchange (search) has tripled its trading volume, with growth rates unheard of nearly anywhere else.

"The market since it's opening last year is doing very, very well," said Talab Tabuy, a trader. "Excellent, actually."

Tabuy is betting on companies like Baghdad Soda, Hader Marble and Thesar Agriculture. But the real excitement is over Iraq's banking sector, especially Basra Bank (search).


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