Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Well, I was over at Lambert's blog, and I happened to run into what is quite possibly the smartest man in the world. He is an expert on Iraq, and he has a solution for the all the problems there. The solution is: have the U.S. leave! And then, finally, things will start getting better. I know what you're thinking: genius. Remember, you heard it here first! But here, let him explain.

The first thing that will happen is that the violence will be reduced dramatically.

1. Occupation forces and their Iraqi proxy troops commit the majority of the violence, and the most devastating violence. That violence will cease immediately as soon as the occupation forces are no longer in the the country to commit it.

2. The Americans have proven their unparalelled ability to take actions guaranteed to destabilize any situation, and cause severe escalation of violence. In fact, they have shown they are experts at making any situation worse. They have also shown their aptitude for deepening existing divisions, and creating new ones where none existed before. It will only benefit Iraq and Iraqis to have their destabilizing influence removed.

3. Despite all the publicity to the contrary, independent studies (most notably the one done by CSIS) have shown clearly that the overwhelming majority of "insurgent" attacks are not against civilians, but against occupation forces and other elements of the occupation. With the occupation over and the occupier gone that violence will cease, or be reduced significantly.

4. With the hated occupation over, public support for violence will decrease significantly.

5. Iraqi security forces will no longer be stuck taking orders from the occupying power, will no longer be used as proxies and cannon fodder for the occupation, and no longer be targets for anti-occupation forces. They will be freed to do the job of protecting Iraqis from criminal and foreign elements.

The Americans have proven beyond question their inability to do anything but make matters worse. From the day they dropped their first bombs the situation has deteriorated steadily as a result of their ignorance, arrogance and incompetence. If they were gone the greatest destabilizing factor would be taken out of the equation. The damage is done, and it will take quite some time for Iraq to stabilize, but the only way to reverse the downward spiral is for the Americans to get out completely.

No word yet on whether Condoleeza Rice has endorsed the plan, but I can only assume such a self-evidently brilliant plan will be implemented as soon as word of it spreads.

UPDATE: But wait, there's more! Our Iraq savant goes on:
Dave, it is no secret that in 1991 the U.S. deliberately and methodically destroyed electrical, water, telephone, and sewage infrastructure. That fact is documented in U.S. government documents.
""There is no democratically elected government in Iraq.""

What you call the "government" was not elected, it was chosen in a non-democratic, and convoluted way. The election held in January did not even meet the minimum requirements for a democratic, free, fair, legitimate election. Therefore, there is no democratically elected government in Iraq.
We bombed sewage plants? The election monitors were wrong? I did not know that.

UPDATE: It's official:
according to test scores I do formally qualify as a genius.
I think we all suspected, but formal confirmation is always welcome.


Blogger RadicalReformer said...

Still doesn't bring back the 1,700-plus lost soldiers.

4:33 PM  
Blogger TallDave said...

Or the 2 million killed by Saddam.

11:34 AM  

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