Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Amity Shlaes notes the CAFTA accord is not receiving the attention it should as a foreign policy issue, and may fall victim to domestic special interests. That would be very unfortunate. Free trade has done far more to lift people out of poverty in the last half-century than all the efforts of the UN, the World Bank and the IMF put together. This is especially important to the people of Central America now: with the election-rigging Chavez arming up and buddying up to the “revolution has no time for elections” Castro regime, the people of Central America need access to U.S. markets, or some may buy into the unfree anti-democratic propaganda offered by the local dictators, which will be unfortunate for everyone involved. As Amity quotes Bernard Aronson: "ordinary people want to know that Democracy can deliver a better life." We need to continue proving that it can, and will.


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Anyone who's ever watched Lou Dobbs on CNN will have heard every argument anti free-traders have to give, and anyone familiar with Economics 101 will have more than enough arguments to prove them wrong.

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