Monday, April 25, 2005

Here's a comment, in the wake of news that being slightly overweight actually isn't that bad.

These general studies just create confusion. OTOH there are about 10 million very good studies out there on specific foodstuffs. Personally, I want to make it to at least 100, hopefully 140ish, in good health, so I take the following twice every day:

Life Extension Mix powder
Life Extension Herbal Mix powder
(LEF is a pretty good company, they add ingredients to their mixes based on good research)
1/4 teaspoon green tea extract (which is also in the above, but I like more; this is the equiv of 5 cups of green tea)
25 mg dihydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
aged garlic extract
200mg boswellin + 500mg curcumin (this is great for joints, in addition to the curcumin's antioxidant properties)

and in addition to that:

75g protein shake every morning (15g ea of caseinate (goatsmilk) protein, egg, soy, whey, and one other I can never remember) with a couple teaspoons flax seed
3 grams Vitamin C (1 gram at odd intervals)
Dimethylaminoethanol (commonly known as DMAE; for mental acuity; prescribed in Europe for ADD)
about 7 cups of green tea ( has a great selection) brewed with a cinnamon stick. I brew it very strong, in 20 oz cups. This has a great effect on my disposition as well, I've noticed. I'm much calmer and better able to deal with my several hi-stress jobs and hobbies (I take 1/16 tsp theanine as well, if I'm expecting something especially stressful to come up; this is an amino acid in green tea that calms you (the Japanese actually spike their soft drinks with it)).
I also take a growth hormone booster (which is basically a few grams of some amino acids in a certain ratio) for 3-4 days every couple weeks. This and the DHEA are more about bodybuilding, or least maintaining muscle mass than disease prevention or anti-aging per se.

And of course I work out with weights (I found the Arnold book had some good exercises; my base is squats, skullbusters, bicep curls, dumbell rows, bent-over rows, deadlifts, and barbell military press plus some odds and ends; I rotate through so I hit each exercise at least once a week) and do slow inclined situps every morning, never miss. I recently got an elliptical machine as well; it's mostly for my gf but I found a good 1-2 minute sprint really pumps me up.

Of course even with all that I could still keel over tomorrow, but I like to think I'm maximizing the odds in my favor. I'm 30 now and am fortunate enough to enjoy a fairly good income, and instead of spending a lot I (try to) put away enough to be financially secure by 40, which plan really makes very little sense if I only live to be 39. So it's a financial common-sense decision as much as anything. Long-term inventments don't pay off if you die in the short term.


Blogger Paul said...

Might have to try some of your concoctions.

btw, those ellipticals are great, wish I had the space for one at home, but I do get on them about 3 times a week at the gym. If the 'calories burned' counter is accurate I burn at a faster rate on the elliptical than a treadmill, and without the imapact on the knees and ankles.

What makes it easier (cause really running/cardio not in the context of a game sucks) is while at work I surf around the blogosphere and paste all of the articles I want to read to a word doc, then blow up the font size and print it out for reading on the elliptical. 40 minutes later I'm several hundred calories lighter and smarter too.

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Jay Fox said...

Hmm, semi-random ramblings indeed. It's nice to see sites like this out there.

I've been into various health kicks at various points in my life. I call them "kicks" because I didn't stick with them, though I know that if I applied myself better, they could become a real lifestyle.

I've been into bodybuilding myself, and packed on a bit of tricep mass several years ago that I haven't lost yet. I weigh 220 (lbs, not kilos!), but I can still do a dozen dips, even though I almost never exercise. Since I'm 5'8", that's like you're typical 160 pound guy doing dips with 60 pounds on a weight belt, for reference. Even with an inch of flab on my arms, I still have definition in my triceps.

Anyway, I've started back into CR, something I'll do slowly at first, given how much weight I have to lose. But I'll eventually get to the point where it'll make sense to add supplements and vitamin/herbal mixes, so I'll try to keep this site in mind. Maybe we can compare notes down the road?

10:03 AM  
Blogger TallDave said...

Definitely, I'm always looking for interesting ideas for health, preferably backed by solid research.

A lot of health stuff does seem to come in the form of fads or kicks, but I tend to try to view these things as lifetime commitments based on sound science. I've been working out for 14 years, supplementing since before I graduated from college.

11:43 AM  
Blogger TallDave said...

That's a good idea paul, I don't read enough on ym elliptical. 'Course I do sprints on high resistance, so it's a bit harder.

11:44 AM  

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