Saturday, March 05, 2005

TV, or not TV

Glenn Reynolds shops for a flat-screen.

My advice: DLP

Bigger available screen, highest contrast and black levels, no burn-in, clarity high enough to make a strong man weep –and it upconverts low-res signals. The dynamic natural image enhancement (DNIE) on the 3rd-gen Texas Instruments DLP chip is especially noticeable on graphics or animation (sharp lines are easier to enhance, obviously), but it significantly enhances any lower-res signal.

Check out the Samsung 61" HLP-6163W, I got it a few months ago from Best Buy. About $4000. HD Tuner included. I figure with a ten-year life the TV costs me $33/month – less than I pay for cable (LCD/plasma generally burn in after 5 years from what I’ve heard; manufacturers usually claim a useful life of 25 – 50K hrs but that includes some time after burn-in becomes noticeable).

Some of the landscape shots on Discovery Channel are truly breathtaking in HD. But really, any HD broadcast from Deadwood to American Idol is incredibly vivid and clear.


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