Thursday, March 17, 2005

Thanks to Instapundit for sharing these stories. Makes me so proud to be an American, I literally have tears in my eyes.
5. His wife reports that at the Atlanta airport when she was seeing him off, people would clap as they walked down the concourse -- just like in the Budwiser commercial
Last Saturday morning I saw something at Midway Airport here in Chicago that I've never seen before (I'm 58, so lived through Vietnam and its aftermath). I was sitting at a SW Airlines gate near the main terminal when I heard loud, extended clapping further down the gateway. I stood up and looked in that direction. In a few seconds, a group of 50 or 60 Army men in fatigues turned the corner and passed all of us on the way to the terminal. Everyone in the gateway passage either stopped or stood and clapped as they passed. The soldiers all looked slightly nonplussed and just continued walking. It made me proud to see Americans cheering on cheer soldiers.

A friend of mine is flying to Costa Rica with her family tomorrow. I asked her to clap for any U.S. troops they see.


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