Thursday, March 17, 2005

Reading this blog post today linked by Eschaton, I had a minor epiphany: the connection between leftists and art. You see, art doesn't have to make sense, which makes it the perfect vehicle for certain leftist arguments.

Like for instance, it would be ridiculous to actually logically and rationally compare the academic freedom movement (which basically just asks that leftist teachers refrain from punishing conservatives views in class by grading them down or suggesting they need psychological help) to the Maoist purges. Besides being off-the-scale nutty, it kinda insults the memory of the 50 million dissidents who, you know, died horribly under Mao, while the worst Americans academics face is the terrors of the private sector.

But just put some Maoist quotes next to some academic freedom quotes to imply some kind of similarity in method (since you can't actually say that without sounding crazy), throw in a couple photoshops, and voila! No awkward reasoning or explanation necessary.

It's beautiful.

Gotta give them credit, they are still way ahead of the Right in message delivery.


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