Thursday, March 24, 2005

As Terri's life slips away, moment by agonizing moment, I can't shake the feeling we have failed a great moral test of our time.

As someone who has watched more than one family member die a horrible lingering death, I support euthanasia. This isn't euthanasia. What we are allowing to be done to Terri Schiavo is so cruel that you could get 5 years in prison for doing it to an animal.

With 2 out of 5 doctors saying Terri is not brain-dead, with her entire family wanting her kept alive and saying she responds to stimuli, with her adulterous "husband" of 15 years ago Michael being appointed her guardian and given sole control over her fate despite living with and having two children with another woman, with Terri never having had a PET scan or MRI, with sworn affidavits from a nurse saying she heard Michael saying he wants her dead for the money, suppressed evidence she was communicating, and apparently tried to kill her more than once, with bone scans indicating Terri may have been abused by Michael prior to the incident that caused her brain damage...

Were Terri a mass murderer, it would take evidence beyond a reasonable doubt for her to be put to death, and she would get a very humane injection and feel no pain. But for an innocent brain-damaged woman to be brutally starved to death apparently requires a lesser degree of certainty.

This is a sad day.


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Anonymous Dan said...

Hmm. I hadn't heard the "2 of 5" bit. I'd been working on the assumption that her cerebral cortex was gone (plus assumptions about the doctors' opinions on the mid- to hind- brain). On that basis, I'd figured we were talking about someone already dead in every sense that matters. Do you have a good link for the contra-opinions? I hate drawing conclusions without looking at all the data.

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Blogger TallDave said...

Sorry, I wish I did. That's just what I've gleaned over the last few days from various sources. Malkin has a lot of them, I think.

Of course whether or not she is brain-dead is the debate. It seems very wrong to me that such a decision can be made without requiring the highest level of certainty and unanimity on the part of those closest to the person involved.

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