Thursday, February 10, 2005

As ususal, Bill has a thorough analysis and many good points.

I commented on the different reactions from journalists caught in unethical behavior.

Dan Rather: Attributed "attacks" on him pointing out the basis of his story was crudely forged memos to "partisan political operatives"; stonewalled investigation; to this day maintains story was "rock-solid." Huge blow to CBS News' credibility.

Mary Mapes: Chief architect of forged memos. Accepted no blame, still pretends crude forgeries were real and she was a victim. Even bigger blow to CBS News' credibility.

Eason Jordan: Claimed U.S. military targeted journalists. Later claimed that he actually meant someone said the U.S. was targeting journalists (and even sent some newspeople to the back of the cafeteria line! the horror!). Still proudly serving a failing network whose founder compares successful networks to Hitler. It would be a huge blow to CNN's credibility if they had any viewers left who didn't already believe the US military intentionally targets not only journalists but civilians, children, puppies, kittens, stuffed animals, and the handicapped (and all for "fun").

Jeff Gannon: Resigned, immediately, over charges he likes Bush, changed his name, and worked in software. A devastating blow to his dozens of readers and to the credibility of his 3 part-time Web consultants, whose journalistic credibility may be forever shattered.

Kind of reminds me of the Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy response to scandal vs. the Newt Gingrich, Richard Nixon, etc. response.


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