Monday, January 03, 2005

There's only one poll we really need to win

I keep hearing how the U.S. is "losing the public opinion battle," with one major pundit going as far to say the war was now unwinnable because of the problem. Baloney! There's only one poll we really need to win, plus one we'd really like to win.

Thanks to Haider Ajina for this translation of poll results that appeared in the Iraqi Arabic newspaper Alsabaah this morning (also on Powerline). The poll was of 4,974 Iraqis living in and around Baghdad:

Will the security problems cause you to?
Not come out and vote the day of elections 18.3%
Come out and vote the day of elections 78.3%
No opinion 3.4%

Do you support military action against the terrorists?
Yes 87.7%
No 11.1%
Don’t Know 1.2%

The importance of the second poll cannot be overstated. Insurgents don't win when 88% of the population in the area of their greatest support publicly supports having them shot dead. Getting people to vote is also important, and I'd say 80% is a pretty healthy number for the most violent area of the country.


Blogger just me said...

But that impossible. EVERYONE know all Iraqis hate us, just ask any liberal. ;)

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