Sunday, January 23, 2005

Thanks to Instapundit for recommending "Singularity Sky"

Read it this weekend. Of course, being a huge fan of physicist Brian Greene’s Fabric of the Cosmos and The Elegant Universe, I was hooked by the first mention of quantum entanglement and causality violations. I also read the suthor described as a “leftist” in an Amazon book review, which gives me great hope for the future as it seemed to endorse a lot free-market libertarian ideals. If this is the kernel of a someday-to-emerge neoleftism, who knows: I might even vote Democrat some day.

UPDATE: Instapundit mentions my email! This is a mixed bag; on the one hand it's a nice sop to my narcissism to be noticed by hundreds of thousands of people, but on the other hand I probably should have sent a link to my blog and my email has so many typos and half-articulated points that it appears to be written by someone semi-literate (I cleaned it up a bit here).


Blogger Cernig said...

Hi TallDave - thought I should visit your site,

Funny you should say that. I think there is a neoleftism starting to evolve, but it has little to do with the US Democrat party. The real home of this neoleftism is back in my old UK, where Tony Blair (beloved of the White House) and his Labour and Socialist Party has begun the process, most likely to be further refined when the brains behind Blair's economic recovery, Gordon Brown, takes over the mantle of leadership.

Brown has a well-balanced mix of socialist social policies with not-quite-totally-free capitalist economics. He is also a committed European and realises the cries of the anti-EU crowd are the last vestiges of a priveliged oligarchy pining after Empire and disguising it as patriotism.

Kennedy's Liberal Party are actually pretty close to Brown's position. Not too far away is the prospect of a UK parliament where the government and the majority opposition party will be arguing over the details of policy in practise rather than across a vast ideological gulf. I don't see the US getting to that stage unless the moderates recapture the Republican party and the Dems kick out a huge number of people who's only real motivation is the gravy train.

I know more about UK politics than US, I suppose. Ive only been in the US 3 years or so and I still don't see why so many on both extremes of the debate treat politics as jihad rather than as dialogue between equals. I suppose it's the kindergarten politics mentality which Blair opposed so strongly and convincingly at his first election victory.

ok..I've vented now . Thanks :-)

Regards, Cernig

11:40 AM  
Blogger TallDave said...

Thanks for stopping by, Cernig.

Three words explain the jihadist mentality to US politics: Special Interest Groups. Hang out at a couple meetings sometime and you will understand what I mean.

3:29 PM  

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