Saturday, January 15, 2005

New Media beats up on Old Media again

If this were a softball game, they'd have invoked the slaughter rule by now.

Joseph Newcomer, the typeface expert who posted the first authoritative study of the forged Bush TANG memos, utterly annihilates the CJR article by Corey Pein point-by-point.

This is a perfect example of how media has changed. Corey Pein makes some dismissive comments about Newcomer and his analysis. In the old days, people would read the journalist's comments and that would be the end of it. But in the new media, anyone can voice an opinion, and Newcomer does -- with a vengeance. One suspects Pein is quite surprised to find himself in a public argument (which he is losing, badly) as opposed to the more customary Old Media monologue from on high for the public to simply read and accept without response.

First Mapes, now Pein, who's next? From their behavior so far, it's evident Old Media hasn't quite woken up to how much the game has changed.


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