Monday, December 13, 2004

"Informed" Juan Cole Pimps Totalitarians

Professor (i.e. leftist) Juan Cole slanders our friends at Iraq The Model as a CIA operation, and bemoans the fact "real" Iraqi blogs like Riverbend don't get as much attention.

Given her statements, Riverbend is obviously a member of one of the
Baathist families that lived priviliged lives under Saddam while he
looted and raped the country. She even says as much in her initial
posts: "people like me: sons and daughters of diplomats." If you were
a diplomat in Saddam's Iraq, you were a member of the regime. It's
only natural she would hate liberation, sympathize with the
terrorist/Baathist remnants, and be against the elections.

So, let me ask you Professor: how does it feel to be pimping for the
Saddam Hussein regime?


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