Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Bad News for Democrats

I read many, many prescriptions for Democrat woes today. Most of them are missing the mark pretty badly.

The amount of delusion still out there among liberal pundits is pretty big. One even claimed Bill Clinton championed welfare reform-- after saying the #1 thing Democrats need to do is "accept reality."

There are 3 problems that I've noticed the Democrats won't face:

1) They have no new ideas. You can only say "government programs to fix all our problems, always negotiation never war" in so many different ways.

2) Liberals already refer back with fond hagiography to the glorious political skills of Bill Clinton. I think it's worth noting no one (and I mean NO ONE) in the self-described "reality-based community" has yet acknowledged that Clinton probably would not have won either election without the help from Ross Perot (contrast that with how often they blamed Nader for Gore's loss). They like to think they have a 4-year-old problem; apparently it's just too difficult to face that in fact their problems actually go all the way to 1980.

3) They, unlike most Americans, still believe everything the media tells them. And they don't realize that most Americans now instinctively correct for the liberal bias (they assume that Red America in particular simply never reads the paper or watches the news; we're dumb, remember?). When RatherGate happened they blamed not bias or even sloppiness, but "a pajama-clad jihad;" what people should be discussing is "How many times did this happen with stories no one ever questioned, before bloggers were around to instantly fact-check these things?"


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