Monday, November 15, 2004

OK this REALLY makes me mad

The media is all in a "we gotcha! we gotcha! we gotcha!" tizzy today over video showing a Marine shooting a wounded insurgent. You know these Marines are going to get eaten alive by the "we support the troops, really we do" liberals.

The Marine had just lost a buddy to a boobytrapped wounded guy who blew himself up when the Marine tried to help him. See how much coverage that part of the story gets. Also, you can't tell for sure from the camera angle whether the guy was actually unarmed or hiding a grenade under his robe. See if they give our Marine the benefit of the doubt, being as his buddy got killed the day before, and he himself had just gotten shot a little while before by these same guys. But don't hold your breath. It's not like this guy is putting his life on the line for us or anything. We don't owe him any slack. (/sarcasm)

Frankly, THIS SHOULD BE STANDARD POLICY. If they are going to booby-trap their wounded, then we should shoot their wounded dead. I mean, really: How many more Marines are we going to ask to die to try to save enemy fighters who are trying to kill them, just so we can say we played nice?

This is war, not patty-cake.


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