Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Do Schrodinger wavefunctions collapse?

Sitting here watching tradesports.com, I am beginning to wonder. It looked like it was collapsing toward Kerry at 65-35 in the aftermath of the soon-to-be-infamous exit polls, but now has almost totally reversed to 60-40 Bush and looks to collapse in the other direction.

It's fun to analyze the election as though it were a giant quantum event. And this year it certainly seems to show the characteristic growing uncertainty when analyzed in smaller time frames. Another amusing point to consider: quantum mechanics says whether Bush or Kerry has won the election is currently unknowable (until the wavefunction collapses and the value of Bush-won of Kerry-won instantiates), but relativity suggests to a distant observer moving away from us, the election has not only already been decided, but students are reading about the winner's administration in history books.

Whatever else, I think tradesports.com was the definitive barometer of the mood of the punditry regarding the election.


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