Monday, October 25, 2004

Seized by Election-Week Fever

Every time a I realize an hour or two has passed I find myself irresistibly drawn back to the computer to check whether Real Clear Politics has another poll out and whether the major news feeds are reporting anything that could affect the elections.

Well NM is now soldidly in Bush's corner according to latest polls, and Gallup has Bush up by 8 in FL. Big, big news. With leads in WI and IA, it's starting to look like Bush can lose Ohio and still win, although in addition to the gay marriage proposal which will drive voting to the right, The Governator is also turning out next weekend in Ohio to campaign for Bush. Schwarzenegger (also the author of "Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding," some great free weight routines in there; I highly recommend it) has sponsored a bodybuilding competition for some years there and is considered one of their own. And of course, he's Ahh-nold.

A few neighbors have remarked about the violence done to Bush/Cheney offices and signs. Being nonconfrontational types, many have decided in lieu of BC04 signs they'll put up American flags. Around here, everyone pretty much takes them to mean the same thing.


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