Sunday, September 12, 2004

Hang your hat on these three things (for now)

Another "smoking gun" issue has come up re the memos: one of the memos states Bush was leaving to work in "his dad's campaign" during a time in which Bush Sr. was actually serving in an appointed position.

I think that's right up in the indisutable proof of forgery class, along with the 13-point vertical spacing and perfect centering of a proportional font.

Expert analysis is of course a must, but remember: they have the trial lawyers on their side in this campaign -- and OJ walked despite a mountain of expert forensic evidence. The expert analysis will need to be distilled into a few key phrases that people who aren't news junkies can readily understand and accept, or they will be obfuscated by very smart people whose expertise is such deception.

Pending confirmation by experts, I think those are the three issues that can be boiled down to easily explained sound bites not susceptible to any sort of disingenuous half-denials (as with the superscript "th" and reference to General Staudt) the left is sure to make.

UPDATE: Another expert weighs in.
UPDATE: And another. CBS' supposed "unimpeachable source" for the memos looks more and more impeachable, much like their alleged "trump card" Hughes who has now disavowed the memo.
Hmmm, "unimpeachable." Interesting choice of words. Brings to mind a certain gentleman with a fondness for cigars and interns...
UPDATE: Appropriate.


Blogger EdoRiver said...

The whole stuff about the President's record before he became president is off focus. I think its similar to holding Christopher Columbus accountable to the standards of modern 20th century interpretation of ethics simply because the Catholics had the Bible in a readable translation. What counted then and in this bruhaha (is this missp.?) is the values of the immediate environment. For Chris it means his mates, and the same for the President. Under what I know were the conditions of the situation, "give me a break", as my sister is always prefacing her remarks, the President didn't do any more or less than what was expected of him. we all rise naturally to the level expected of us. The military, from my limited experience, is not filled with only saints or sinners. If one is lucky to work under a saint, God Bless You and mention him in your prayers, because it may not last, he may be transferred out, etc. And if he is a sinner, then you look at your choices and what you can tollerate.

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